According to watchdog agonies and multiple news sources, the US government hands out more than 100 billion dollars every year to the wrong people. Would you like to know how to get a some of that free money? Obviously a lot of people are benefitting from the government’s bloated infrastructure and have learned how to profit from a system that has too few check and balances.

Obama’s government is so big that it has no way to keep track of what goes out. If you doubt that, why then are the taxpayers of America being robbed of that money every year? The overpayments and payments to incorrect people come from many agencies in the government including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, unemployment benefits, and tax refunds. Other places people get free money or benefits are from the school lunch program, multiple federal loan programs, various tax credits from the IRS, and just about any agency you can think of that gives money out or that people receive benefits from.

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The fact is that there is astronomical waste in all areas of our current government and a lot of people are getting benefits they are not entitled to just by pure administrative error or they have figured out ways to work the system.

No President has meaningfully tackled this problem and Obama is no different. He continues, to this day more than 6 years into his presidency, to say that the economic woes of the United States are because of Bush. He’s still blaming Bush! Either Obama as no clue how to fix this failing economy or he is perfectly happy having America¬†steadily be diminished ¬†on the world stage. There is no way we can afford to just give away more than $100 billion dollars a year of hard earned tax payer money and expect this country to snap out of the recession.

If you have read this far and are looking for the answer of how to get your piece of the high government waste and mistaken payments made every day to ordinary citizens like you, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I don’t have an answer but someone out there surely does as this money is going somewhere. I guess, in most cases you just have to be lucky enough to have your benefits not stop even after they should.

But you should know this: accepting money from the government that is not rightfully yours can be illegal if you get caught. But documenting that you return it can be a problem too. Either way you can win or lose. The bottom line is that this United States government is so big and has so much waste that people don’t care anymore and take everything they can get from Obama Inc.