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  1. Hassan says:

    Hello my name is Hassan farouk
    I live at this addres
    12 mensha street mohram beak alexandria egypt
    mobile no. 0020107721915
    I send to barak obama for education i want assistance to complete education in america by grant or half grant.
    obama help all people he promise to assistance people in any place he remember that when he say that in egypt. for humanity help me for i make good future
    i want learn (IT & network) i lacking education in my country please help me

  2. I have been scammed countless amounts of time just requestinf the stimulus pkg. I just want to know is this to help the American people or to milk them for monies they surely don’t have!!!!!

  3. hello my name is khadijah hasan my address is 40 ann street manhattan NY 10038 i would like to get some help in farther my education. cause right now im currently in school and i have no finanical help to support me and my grandparent and my mother i wish i could help them all bur i cant cause i have to continue my education and i really need help with obamas grant programs and im hoping the democrat party will help thanks and God bless America

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