My name is Alan and this blog contains my opinion about things that are happening in politics in America and in no way is associated with President Obama or his administration. My Grandparents came to this country from Poland and I am proud to be an American.

There are some things that I agree with that he is doing and others that I disagree with: probably like many Americans. I think his stimulus package that took our tax dollars to bail out big corporations was not good for this country. If a company makes mistakes, has poor sales, or can’t compete in the marketplace it should be allowed to fail whether it is a big corporation or a Mom and Pop corner store.

If his student loans bill that was passed in 2010 does succeed in making loans easier to pay back and less burdensome for students, then I think that is a good thing. Of course I don’t like the fact that loans will be taken away from private industry and given to the government. So, I like part of that bill and dislike another part.

Another purpose this blog has taken on is to try to warn people about all the scams and shady advertising tactics that are out there involving the name and likeness of President Obama. With any new President there are people that try to take advantage of other people by selling or spreading false information. Hopefully, the top post on the front page has saved a few people from paying for one of those grants scams.

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  1. Stacie Watson says:

    I am curretly attending college. I was wondering if i would be elgible to get the grant. I am attending Gretna Career College in Gretna , Louisiana. My home address is
    601 Maple Ave.
    Harvey, La 70058
    Stacie A. Watson

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