You have to live under a rock to NOT know that tuition at almost every college is through the roof. Today’s graduates routinely end up with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, often for degrees in fields that they can’t even find a job.
America’s debt ceiling has now been raised yet again under President Obama. The nation’s debt has to be one of the nations top concerns, if not the greatest. And yet Obama seems to be doing absolutely nothing to stop it. This out of control spending under Obama means there is a lot of free government money going somewhere. Are you getting any of it and if not, how do you get a piece of the pie? I wish I knew how!

At this rate, it won’t be long before the interest on all the debt will be too much to pay and bankruptcy will result. People seem to think that something will magically happen, that we are too big and important for that to happen. But economics is economics and America will collapse under its own debt weight sooner or later, just like any other country would.

Obama Debt

The problem with Obama is that he wants to be popular with the people and one of the ways to do that is to expand the government by giving away free things to the lower working and poorer classes. From food stamps, stimulus grants, all the way up to ObamaCare he has made government bigger. In order to give away free things he has to take from those who work hard and are productive and then transfer them to those who aren’t. He has effectively expanded the class of people who are takers in this country and in doing so has gotten more votes at the polls. That is what Democrats do, they tax people who work and give to those who don’t.

Young voters including college students have been instrumental in getting Obama elected both times. It is ironic that they are the ones that may ultimately suffer the most as a result of his policies so perhaps they will be getting what they deserve.

1) In future years it will be harder to get a job as employers cut back hours and jobs as a result of ObamaCare. That will hurt young people the most it will become harder and harder to find high paying, upwardly mobile jobs. ObamaCare is also going to take even more money out of young people’s pockets as they pay the highest insurance rates to subsidize older, less healthy people.

2) While everyone will pay the price of a nation weighed down by heavy debt, it will be the younger generations that are ultimately left standing with the bill. They are the ones that will be responsible for paying off Obama’s debts and trying to figure out how to free themselves from his foolish spending. I’d hate to be a kid right now with the potentially bleak future ahead of this country.

3) 45% of this country (or higher) depends on the government for some kind of assistance. This was Obama’s plan: to increase the ranks of those who rely on the government every day to live their lives. But that is a blue print for a nation where everyone is poorer and where everyone struggles. That is the kind of country our younger generations may face in the coming years: a country where people have little hope of what was once called the “American Dream”.

Obama’s dream of a poorer, less educated, more angry, less influential, and increasingly irrelevant country on the world stage is coming true. He has worked hard to secure that goal and if you view his presidency from what he wanted to accomplish, his grade has to be an A+.