imagesIf there ever were a time to get a job in health care, it is now! With ObamaCare about to kick in for real on October 1, 2013, all sorts of jobs are available in the industry.

On Thursday August 15th, Obama’s Administration announced about $67 million dollars in navigator grants that will go to a whole host of different organizations around the country. These grants will go toward hiring and paying ($20 to $48 per hour) exchange navigators and assisters who will be tasked with guiding you through the ObamaCare insurance enrollment process. For a complete list of exactly who is getting these grants please go here.

This $67 million dollars will only go to state that are using the federal insurance exchange. States that have opted to open their own marketplaces will be in charge of hiring and paying for everything on their own, presumably out of their state taxpayer dollars.

ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) is shaping up to be one of the biggest government programs of our lives. To say that it is complicated and confusing is downright silly as it is so complex that most people in the health care industry have no idea how or if it will work.

Jobs are opening up everywhere in response to the ACA so if you have any health care background at all, chances are you might be able to find some kind of work. Our tax dollars are absolutely flowing out of Washington and the states to try to get this program off the ground.