The program is now costing taxpayers several billions of dollars per year. Just like most government programs in existence today, what starts as a good idea to help people slowly transforms into a bloated behemoth of neglect, fraud, and waste that ends up tapping precious tax dollars that could be put to real use. 

Much of the program is paid for by a tax on all phone bills so we are all paying for it. Ever since cell phones were introduced into the program in 2008, the costs have skyrocketed and it seems few people are paying attention. These “free Obama phones” as so many people like to call them are turning up at drug busts and the black market all over the country. Apparently there is a problem with people having multiple phones through this program as well, which is strictly against the rules.

As with so many things in America, when you give things away for free there will always be a significant number of people who try to take advantage of the system. The free phone program for the underprivileged is no different and now it is sucking tax dollars right out of our pockets at a time when we all have nothing left to give.

Come on Obama, get this program under control!