ObamaCareAs 2013 progresses, you will hear more and more about the ObamaCare health insurance. Throughout the year you will undoubtedly hear many things that are incorrectly stated about it and some things that are correct.

What you need to know most of all is that the requirement for everyone to have health insurance won’t take effect until 2014. That’s right, you do NOT have to have your own insurance (if you aren’t on an employer’s health plan) all the way through 2013. The law only kicks in during 2014.

There will be a lot of opportunities for advertisers and scammers to make you think that you need to buy your own Obama Care insurance right now. They may blatantly lie about it or state it in a way that sounds like you need to buy health insurance now to be in compliance with the law. You may also get confused by the many articles written about how changes to our tax code are happening in 2013 in order to help pay for Obamacare. 

There are tax changes that will go into effect for the 2013 tax year but those will impact only high earners and they have NOTHING to do with the requirement to have health insurance. Don’t be fooled into buying health insurance from someone who tells you that you need it in 2013 because Obamacare doesn’t start until 2014!