Have you heard the recent news of the $10,000 college degree? Several Republican governors (Florida, Texas, Wisconsin) are out in front of this as their states are soon going to work in conjunction with state run schools to offer qualified students the chance to earn a college degree for what is today, a bargain price of $10,000.

EVERYONE knows that college costs are out of control and ridiculously high. Something drastic has to be done as we can’t continue to have students graduating with debt so high that they may never be able to pay it back! Starting out your working life looking for a job with an 8% unemployment rate and being heavily in debt is NOT the way our young adults should be beginning their careers.

But where is President Obama on this matter? He’s missing and no where to be found.

Obama has NEVER done anything to tackle the high costs of college. He doesn’t care about that. All he has ever done is to try to get a little more money into the hands of students and to relax the payback schedules they face. He has NEVER addressed the real problem: the fact that a college tuition costs too much and MUST start going down.

The $10,000 dollar degree attempts to put a manageable price on higher education and predictably it is being attacked by college professors and University elite. The last thing they want to see is their steady increasing flow of money come to an end. They are sitting pretty with their overpaid tenures so they are saying (and will continue to argue) that a college degree that only costs $10,000 is cheap and worthless.

Obama and the Democrats need to stop catering to the people who are stuck in the rut of desperately looking for grants for moms and back to school grants. He needs to get on board and help change the conversation from helping students pay for something that is horribly overpriced to figuring out how we can get college prices down to where they should be.

With unemployment high and jobs continually being lost overseas, today’s college graduate has less opportunity than ever before. Yet they are paying more than ever before for their education. Doesn’t seem right does it?

Obama, are you listening or are you too obsessed with guns and beating back Republicans to help our students?