The Democrats are the party of big taxes. They love taxing the “rich” and then giving that money to the “poor”. That is one of the ways they get more and more voters. As everyone gets poorer and qualifies for some sort of government assistance, chances are those people will vote for the Democrats who will keep those programs alive.

Have you noticed that everyone around you is getting poorer? Did you know that more than 40% of the people in America don’t even make enough to pay taxes? Is that a good thing?

People spend their days looking for free handouts from the government instead of looking for jobs. That is why there are still many people searching for Obama stimulus grants, Obama grants for moms, and other such freebies they hope to cash in on.

The fiscal cliff confrontation is over for now ( it will start all over again as a new deadline approaches in a couple of months) and the result is a good one for Obama and the Democrats. Little to no spending cuts and taxes being raised on everyone that pays taxes.  You can see how much more you will be paying in 2013 below:


President Obama repeatedly has said he didn’t want to raise taxes on the middle and lower class (his definition of that is anyone making less than $200,000 if they are single and $250,000 if they are married) and yet when the time comes what does he do? He happily signs a bill with higher taxes for everyone.

Over and over and over he said he is looking out for middle class families.  But were you ignorant enough to believe him?

All Democrats want higher taxes for everyone. They want the European model where everyone pays crazy rates just to fund their inferior healthcare, education system (which really might not be inferior) and a host of other government handouts. One half of the people in America agree and that is why we have so much anger in this country today. It will continue to be a long battle between the two sides for many years to come. 

But for now, your taxes are going up in 2013. You will also be paying more for your medical bills because of Obama Care. You will pay for that in a variety of ways but mostly through higher insurance premiums. Everyone will be paying more to the government and as a result, it will get stronger and have more power and we will get weaker and have less.