The Obama tax package has passed both the House and the Senate and is on it’s way to be signed by the President. This means another extension of benefits (13 months) for the long term unemployed up to 99 weeks depending on where you live.

Much has been been written about this tax package and it is being labeled as the Obama Tax Cuts and the Obama Tax Cut Plan but in reality, taxes are staying the same as they have been for the last 8 years. Taxes are not going down and they are not being cut: they are staying the same so President Obama cannot be blamed for or given credit for cutting taxes.

People out of work that need unemployment benefits because they can’t find a job (long term unemployed) have to be happy about this further extension of benefits. It gives them some breathing room and hope that they can find a job before time runs out again. You can read more about the Obama bipartisan tax package here.

The tax deal will last 2 years and so it will probably be a big part of the Presidential election in 2012 as both sides (Democrats and Republicans) will be arguing about it all over again. It’s too bad that our politician’s best skills seem to be the ability to disagree and argue with one another.

If you are out of a job, completing your education or getting one in the first place is your best option. It is clear that the more educated you are, the better your chances are of getting jobs throughout your life. An article that can be read here talks about how well educated people are doing well in this economy and are spending a lot for Christmas. Less educated people as a group are not doing as well and are having to cut back this Christmas shopping season.

Education is clearly important if you want to get ahead in our society and be able to afford the things you want and need. Take advantage of any state school programs you can get into to further your education. While there might not be any specific Obama school grants other than Pell grants, the younger you are the more you should be thinking about completing high school and getting a college degree. That is the best way to avoid having a job called “long term unemployed”!