logoThe U.S. government has set up a website to keep track of where all the Obama stimulus money is going. All it takes is one look at the website (Recovery.gov) and you will realize the magnitude of the giveaway. A person can literally spend hours on the site as it is a very complex and detailed setup of graphs, charts, and links. 

All the Obama free money is going somewhere and this is the place to find out who is getting what in terms of loans and grants. You need to navigate the site by the tabs at the top of the page and the one of most interest is the one titled “Where Is The Money Going”. This leads you to a map of the United States that you can use to focus in on any part of the country you want and to find out what businesses and colleges are getting and how much.

The map is quite slick really as it is peppered with different colored dots which represent either Obama stimulus loans, Obama stimulus grants, or Obama stimulus contracts. Some of them seem to be debt relief grants for businesses that have stumbled on hard times. You can then click on the dot and get more information such as how much it was for and to what business entity it went to. The map has so many dots that they often overlap and in the populated cities it is difficult to see them individually. If you have ever wondered just how many agencies, local governments, businesses, colleges and other entities are getting stimulus help, Recovery.gov is the place to go. 

There are a lot of other resources on the site as well that may or may not answer the questions you have. The map is fun at first but it does become tiresome to navigate and I tried unsuccessfully to find some sort of list that would lay out all the information in a more user friendly searchable format. The amount of information on the website can be overwhelming and it illustrates how far reaching the governments role has become in distributing our tax dollars.

This Recovery.gov website is supposed to be the window of transparency between the government and the general public with the intent of making sure there is no doubt to the legitimacy of the Obama stimulus money program. The amount of money being distributed to across the country is unpresidented and there have been a lot of doubters to the process. If you have any doubts of your own, you should make sure to take a look at the site and see if it helps you understand what is happening and diminishes any of your doubts.

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  1. Hello, i was approved for the obama stimulus grant 2 or 3 weeks ago, can you status or let me know what to do from here?Thank You, Teresa