WARNING: If you are looking for grants for moms, back to school grants, or loans for Mom or mothers you won’t find them because they don’t exist. President Obama’s Moms Return To School grants may be hard to get because THERE AREN’T ANY! A search of the Internet did not reveal any information about them.

The reality is that grants for moms are not real and they are a product of clever advertising just to get you interested in grants and loans so someone can try to sell you something else. Pell grants are real, but nothing that is specifically targeted toward Moms or going back to school is real. There just is no such thing!

One thing to note is that the Obama stimulus grants have all gone to big companies, local governments, and state projects so there is little to no extra government money for education grants, school grants, or college grants. The November elections in 2010 were won by the Conservatives and so there will be less money doled out from the government in the next two years. Rebublicans will probably try to stop or slow down spending and this means no more stimulus grants or any other kind of stimulus package from here on out no matter how badly it is needed. Even with affordable online schools offering everything from an MBA in fraud management to nursing certifications, scholarships and grant money are still a requirement for most looking to learn new skills by going back to school.

Obama money will be tighter now that the Republicans won in November so there will be fewer opportunities to get money from the government. Back to school stimulus grants would be nice, especially because the cost of school and college is so expensive now. With jobs being lost and people needing to be retrained, they need to learn new skills.

Going back to school to learn a new career is great if you can afford to do it but many can’t. Obama government grants are great for the big corporations but unfortunately there is just not enough financial aid to go around for the little guy.


  1. Ruby Justice says:

    I have found a school online to acquire my medical transcriptions.
    I look forward to advancing from that certificate and moving on to
    another field in healthcare as well. I’m a single mother with no
    income, only a little help from my parents, and I’m 44 years old, with an ll year old son in middle school. I really would appreciate
    the help to get started and maybe help us both in the long run.
    It’s very important to me to work in a field that is much in demand.
    Maybe I wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer questions about what I do
    for a living and what degrees I have, and how do you pay your bills?

  2. Ruby Justice says:

    If someone would please reply and let me know if there is help
    for me I would greatly appreciate it. It would mean so much to
    me at this point and economic time in my life. I’ve had to move
    in with my parents and brother. I would like to help myself and gain my self esteem back through learning and earning for my family.
    Thank you

  3. Ruby Justice says:

    I already have a course of study I’m interested in and a school
    I believe I would be satified with, can I still receive grant money
    for picking my own online school?

  4. Crystal Washington says:

    If there is any hope for me to receive a student grant please inform me because im a single parent of one 6 year old son and 9months pregant and after i give birth to my 2nd child im intrusted in going back to school to study to become a funeral home director.

  5. Shanna says:

    Okay seriously speaking, why are only the students interested in online education worth grant money? Every single loan and grant I research requires filling out forms online. I want to go to school. I don’t have time for online school. i tried it once a few years back and all the books are e-books. I can’t afford the ink to print all those books out on my printer and if i had eight hours in a day to sit in front of my computer then I have too much time on my hands. Some of us have to work and have families and can’t be on the computer that long. At least with campus college i can squeeze in a couple of classes a semester and have REAL books that I can take everywhere with me and do my homework anywhere. Yet I can’t get information on grants unless I want an online school. i can’t be chained to a computer. Am I missing something?

  6. Jennifer says:

    ok i really want to go to school. i need this grant to pay for it. if i recieve this grant how will i be notified. when will i be notified. i really need to go to school thanks.

  7. Karen phillips says:

    i am currently in school for medical billing and coding and need some grant money

  8. mary says:

    I want to know if there is a grant that will help you pay for school and a better computer mine it juck

  9. Marisol says:

    I’m currently accepted as a sophomore for business, I really need this grant, there is a lot of ads for careers on line…how long will it take, where can I take more details

  10. Judy says:

    I’ve found that attending the University of Texas at Tyler, being a mother and also at an older age of 46, has proved only one thing. That is, the school is in favor of younger students and give help and special privaleges to those with high GPA’s. Even when a student with a high GPA fails a test, 10 to 12 points have been given to them, while students with some age and families and responsibilities have been given 1/2 to 1 point for the same test. Also, there have been mandatory rules that are broken for some students, while others are forced to be removed from the university and loose all the money and time they have invested with no help or concern what so ever of the individuals reason for difficulty. This is not slander against UT, but I myself have paid thousands of dollars and spent several years attempting to go to school for the first time and have been met with these adversaties. Not only me but I have fellow classmates who also are discouraged due to this but can’t voice their oppinions for fear of being blackballed. I have even went as high as the assistant dean and dean and also the president of the university in Tyler. My account was blocked and I was told I would be enrolled for this semester and was not. Now the deadline has passed and does anyone wish to help me with this? No. I have had the run around for months and have witnessed numerous “exceptions to the rules” but only for whom the advisors, instructors, deans and presidents’ assistants see fit to help out. So my advice to anyone older wishing to attend UT in Tyler or Longview, would be think twice. Ask around to students who did make it through as they will tell you what a headache it was. It is always unorganized and even the lecture notes we are required to have in order to pass our tests, well some of them are from years ago and even do not agree with the text books we are required to purchase. One fellow student in the level above me said their notes said on the last page that when they completed the semester they would be Vocational nurses, well these students were going for an RN so the notes must have been for a different class completely maybe even a different school. Now, as for the entire school I can not say, but I was in the nursing program and this for a fact is how it is. Check with some local nurses who graduated from UT, get your own oppinions, don’t just rely on my story.

  11. Judy says:

    I am not against younger students, nor am I saying they do not have responsibilities, what I am saying is when you go back to school at an older age, before you invest thousands of dollars and intend to spend 4 to 5 years, it would be wise to ask some graduates or post a blog on the school site asking other students for their oppinions. Each semester we are asked to do an evaluation on the school, every semester we tell the same things in which we would like to see changed, every year the exact same problems reoccur.

  12. kristin says:

    I am currently enrolled in a school that I really like. I don’t want to leave the school,but is there any help out there for me even if I don’t want to take on-line courses. I could really use some feedback on this please anyone!!

  13. Amber says:

    I am a new mother of a 2 month old, and had to put school on hold but now I am in need of going back. I need to take on-line courses because that is all I have time for. I don’t have enough money to pay for everything and wanted to see about getting help for school. Just browsing this and see that there is a lot of questions and no answers, how do I get any answers?

  14. Jo says:

    I am interested in going back to school. I am unemployed at the moment. I would like some help with this. I am 58 years old. Can I get help even if I am 58 and I do not have small children. I am interested in Medical coding and billing. I would like to have all the info I can get on this. I have very little money and can’t afford to pay for schooling. I am divorced. I get no help from anyone.

  15. Juanita says:

    I want to go to to campus to receive my eduacation, but I have a daughter and one on the way. I cannot afford daycare, so grants are the only way I can attend school, if I receive enough to pay for daycare. I think grant money also needs to be enough to take a full course load and pay for daycare. It would be easier if all colleges offered free daycare for parents, so they can receive a college education and provide better for their families.

  16. Cassi says:

    I am a STONG supporter of education…I am after all a teacher. After 5 years in the public school system and graduate degree, I was laid off. Ultimately, NCLB forced our district to make some very difficult and detrimental decisions that not only affect our family but most of all the students. Now I find myself and my husband (also a college grad) struggling to support our 4 kids. We thought we were doing the right thing by getting an education…now I am unemployed and we can’t pay our bills let alone repay our student loans which have a combined total of over $70,000. Where’s the help for people like us….we did a lot of things right. Our home is very humble, our cars are old, and we are not in debt by societies standards (less than $5000 unsecured) yet we are drowning in our situation. My parents always told us to go to school, don’t make the same mistakes they did….we followed their advice and now it seems our mistake is more costly. Somedays I wonder why I didn’t stay home with my kids, milk the system for assistance and be debt free. I have pride in myself and education but not in the system that has let me down.

  17. Obama Grants says:

    The extremely high cost of a higher education makes one wonder whether it is really worth it anymore. If you are studying to be a doctor or lawyer it is, but most of us graduate with debt that we may not be able to get out of for years. College was supposed to be a fun place where you mature and learn new things. Now it has become your starting place for being in debt for the rest of your life. Maybe it is better for some to get a job right out of high school and start saving.

  18. Debra Park says:

    I am 48 yrs old a single mother of three ages 15, 12, and 9 I do not have a high school diploma or ged can i still get a grant to go back to school.

  19. Amber says:

    First I wanna start by saying I take offense on how you said “some of us have to work” I am a full time mother of 4 children age 6 and under, that is a job in its self. I am taking online classes through the university of phoenix and i love it! You do not have to print EVERYTHING out nor do I have to sit in front of my computer all day!!!! I work on my assignments as I have time there is no scheduled class time. As long as I long on and make my posts 4 days out of a week I make attendance and participation. I can do it day or night as I have a break or kids are napping. I take notes on the readings so I can do my homework at anytime so I dont have to be in front the computer or “waste” ink printing it all out. It is just like being in class and taking notes. I really hate when ppl downgrade online classes, it is no different than a traditional classroom!!!!!!!!

  20. amy hansel says:

    yes i would like to know if there are any grants out there to help you go back to high school and how i apply if there is im 24 married and got a stepson and cant afford to go to school to finish my high school diploma.. dont know if i would qualify …

  21. nikki j. jones says:


  22. kathy young says:

    I would like to know if Obama’s back to school money applies to any college? I’m considering Prarie State College and want to know if I can obtain it thru that school.

  23. Holly says:

    I would like to know where I can apply for a grant to start my own business?

  24. Jenn says:

    I would like 2 know if anyone has found a grant that works and you don’t have to pay for. I would like 2 go back 2 school for my high school diplma and don’t have the money for day care and I have to get it done because it is a court order. Any ideas please!!!

  25. Megan Handy says:

    I am a wife and mother of two. I am currently working and going to school at University of Phoenix. I love online classes because it allows me to be flexible with my school schedule. My position will be outsourced in November and I will need to continue with my MBA (I am half way through right now). However, my company was assisting me with the tuition. Without that money, it will be difficult for me to continue. I will be at home with my kids and do not want to change schools. Can I get help with finishing my MBA?

  26. Rhonda says:

    I am 49 divorced. I have never owned my own home. I have always lived with someone. I am now unemployed and getting a small unemployment check in which I have to contribute utility bills for whom I am staying with. I had to have someone take over the payment of my vehicle, and they had it put in there name, because I could no longer afford it. I registered for Fall classed in Health Allied Assistant. I have a teenage son. I would so love to have my own home. I am using the Hope Grant and Pell grant to attend school this fall. Is there a grant for me for a first time home buyer with a low monthly mortage plan or a mortage plan once I can obtain a career from my College Education?

    I guess I am like a lot of other Americans. I have bills and lost my job, but I plan on training to help with a career in the Medical Field.


  27. Dawn P says:

    Hey Rhonda, I’m a single mom of 1 and I got assistance through my local bank for a home loan. I bought my house over 5 years ago, and i received the assistance through what is called the Rural Development program. Depending on where you live, check with your banks, check out any community action programs in your area, and check with the department of health and human services in your area, they can also help get you in low-income housing, etc. Just call me been there done that, and still moving on. By the way, my house payment is lower than any place to rent within a 100 mile radius of my home.

  28. Angela says:

    I am an older student. I have been in school since’06. Today I found out that I had maxed out my HOPE GRANT.I have been unemployed since March and cannot pay for school. Now what do I do? Ilack 6 classes to graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Business. I am just heart sick to know I am going to have to quit school!

  29. yana says:

    I’m 33 female, I already have 3 degrees AAS, BFA and MS none of the degree have helped me get a well paying job. When I first got my BFA the Sep 11th 2001 happened and being a newly graduate after that date was a terrible time to look for work. After unsuccessful searches I’ve decided to go to graduate school in hopes that by the time of my graduation things will turn around. I got my masters in 2004 by then my college loans were over 40k and I had to pay my loans even while I was still in school. I didn’t have time to look for the job of my dreams I had to take any job that would allow me to pay my bills. For several years I bounced around from once sales job to the next (being it not at all what I studied for), I’m a graphic/web designer. Of cause my skills and knowledge was always very beneficial to my employers they would take the advantage and have me do all of their design work even though it was not part of my job description. I’ve had several management job and my last job I held for 2 years when the economy crashed and I got laid off. Here I am now with 35k in college loans, no job, no real experience in my field of study, the only jobs I see which are related to what I got my degree in require you not only design but also program which I know very little. After being on unemployment for over a year I came to realize that I need to change my career path. I have decided to go into medical field but I cannot afford to spend years and years in school. I am 33 after all and I plan to have children in the next 2 years. I have done my research and picked a perfect match for what I want to do. The problem is that the tuition cost is almost 23K for a 1 year certification program. I need help paying for that, I really need that grant money. I completed my BFA with honors, I held a 3.5 GPA while in graduate school. I’m an athlete and a woman. Can someone help with any information please. I think this is my last chance to truly secure my future, I don’t want lack of money to prevent me from reaching my goal.
    Thank you

  30. Felicia says:

    I would love to go back to school to get my nursing degree. I just contacted FASFA and they advised because I already have a BS degree in another field there is nothing that I can do but keep going forward with getting my masters in something else. Due to the economy I have lost my $60,000 dollar job and have been laid off the last year and a half. I have student loans that are in deferrement but as soon as I get a job I will have to repay them.I am 100% interested in going back to school to get my nursing degree. My credit is shot so a loan based on my credit is out of the question. Does anyone know of any loans or grants that I may be able to apply for to help me a single mom out. Please let me know if anyone knows about anything.
    thank you

  31. amy says:

    I am a 30 year old mother of 2–ages 7 and 11. I have been in school for a couple of years now without having to pay a penny upfront. If you want to go back to school and are 25 or are younger and have children then you are considered independent. If you have low income–you would have to check the guidelines for what qualifies as low income–then you may qualify for a pell grant. A grant is money you don’t have to pay back–if someone is telling you to pay for a grant then it is a scam. I qualify for a Pell grant (which pays for all of my tuition at a community college and my books). In addition I take federal loans–money you do have to pay back but not until you are out of school and the interest rate on these is fairly low. I take the loans to help compensate for not having a job and to take some of the financial burden off my husband while I am in school. In addition there is now a tax credit–for you with the hope credit-there is also a different one (can’t remember the name of it) that allows up to a 2500 tax credit–find it under tuition and school expenses when you fill out your taxes. also, I would check with whichever school you want to attend–there are usually a number of different scholarships you can apply for. hope this helps.