The Obama stimulus bill that was passed earlier in the year had about $5 billion in new funds earmarked for things like Head Start. Additionally it had about $41 billion in grants to local schools. The problem is that these Obama school grants are not things you can just go out and get. They are all divided up between the schools and in order to get them, the schools have to show a certain level of competency and achievement.

This means that someone hoping to go to go back to school or college on a new Obama school grant might not be able to get one like they hoped they would. Just like everything that comes from the government, these school grants are wrapped in layers of regulations and conditions which make them very difficult to understand. When was the last time you understood anything that came from a politician? Just renewing a driver’s license these days can be major pain.

Back to the Obama school grants from the stimulus bill: Some states may not even qualify for this school grant money because of the way they keep data. Being accountable is great but it is very frustrating for the common person who just wants to go to school and can’t because the state they live in does not have schools that keep their data just the way Obama wants.

President Obama also has his “Moms Return To School ” grants program which can give moms tuition money to go back to school. You can apply for that or any other school money that you can find and often you can do it through the Internet. Understanding exactly all the hoops you have to jump through might be difficult though.

Having the schools and states compete for this stimulus school grants money is a good thought but like anything the government does, do we really trust the outcome? For the single mom or dad that just wants some help with some back to school grants, it all doesn’t mean anything. People who want grant assistance for their education should be able to apply for something concrete and understand why they do or do not qualify. It seems whether you qualify for the new Obama school grants or any other kind of financial aid may depend a lot on where you live and how well your state’s schools are doing.


  1. despina efremidis says:

    i would like to receive info regarding the schools in ny city and also the requirements to be qualified

  2. i am a single mother of 2 girl ages 1 and 2 and i would really like to go back to school and build a better life for me and my children so can you please help me thank you from tawana porter

  3. Martine Brouckaert says:

    I am a nursing student and have depleted my funds for tuition. I can’t work and DON’T UNDERSTAND what happened today re student loans. Can someone help me…I understand medicine but when it comes to all this political lending I’m perplexed. HELP PLEASE!!!

  4. marco torres says:

    my name is marco and im 17 im gona graduate early in december and i want to go to u.t.i but its so expensive my mom works in a restaurat and not much money,my dad cant work because he is now disabled got 3 toes cut off and some of his foot tht happend at his job and then they fired him without pay and now we are living by the pennie…so my dream is to fix diesels to help out my parents cause they are older please can some one help me please…

  5. kathy wright says:

    my name is kathy I am 21 I grew up with a single mom so there wasnt much money to put away for much let alone college. I am currently inroled in college with a very heavy loan and my funds are extreamly low. I am married and because of our low income we have curently moved back in with his parents to help with our finances. I would really like to get any information about how to get any tipe of government help. please!

  6. Angela Brown says:

    I would like to inquire about money for school. I am currently a full time student at Bryant Stratton College in Rochester New York.I am a single mother on social services and was only able to receive a $2,500.00 grant from both Pell and Tap.Therefore, I was forced to take out a loan in order to get an education,and assistance in information on how to receive more help would greatly help. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  7. Camreon Harris says:

    I’m going to school at this time but need to know how to get a grant.
    I get alot of loans that I have to pay back. Everytime I try to get a grant I have to pay some website to get information. They say money is out there but you have to spend more money to get it. If I had the money to spend I would not be asking for a grant.

  8. Kathy Williams says:

    I don’t understand all this blah, blah, blah, money for mom’s, money for nursing education, blah, blah, blah…………………where is it???????????????????????????? How do you get it??????????????????? Single mom here, downsized twice in the last 10 years, have a business degree that doesn’t help me get a job……………..TRYING to get a nursing degree, but WHERE’S THE MONEY??????????????????