There are scammers out there and they know you are searching for stimulus grants and other things like it now that President Obama has been elected. Somehow, people think that Obama is giving away free money. Well he is, but just not to you or me.

You see, all the stimulus money is going to big companies that are in trouble, state and local governments, and politician’s favorite pet projects. We can get into a debate all day about who does and does not deserve government money but the bottom line is that it is not going to individual people.

There is no special Obama debt relief, Obama stimulus grants, or Obama free money no matter what anyone has told you. If you voted for President Obama only because you thought you were going to get free grant money then it is unfortunate.

If you want to profit from the stimulus bill your best option is to try to find a job that has come specifically from that bill. There are lots of new jobs fixing highways, bridges, and roads that have been funded by this stimulus package. There are also lots of existing jobs that are continuing because there is new funding. Is free money being given away? No, but you can find a way to work for it perhaps.

One thing that could change in the future (but not yet) is Obama student loans. You see, he wants to take private companies out of the equation and only have student loans be issued by the Federal government. He believes Uncle Sam can offer a lower rate than the private companies and thus save students lots of money. Whether this will ever happen has yet to be determined.

Scammers want you to think that President Obama has initiated a whole bunch of new grants and they want you to sign up for their program that will supposedly help you get it as well as unclaimed grants. But these Obama stimulus grants are not real so it is basically a scam to get you to pay for something that does not exist. The normal everyday grants that have always been there still do exist but there is no special stimulus grants.

I hope this clears things up a little for those hoping to get some Obama free money.

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  1. crystal says:

    Yes did help. I’m a single mother of 4 trying to go to school and not loss my house and I’m scared lately of losing everything I’ve worked so hard for. So I’ve tried looking at grants and the other offer’s that are out there and all scams want money. I used to work constructin but was laid off and decided to go back to school because of all the help that was out there for single mom’s. Well where is it? I can’t find it, I’ve spent hours/days looking and all i get is the run around.

    Thanks you