People are obviously in a world of hurt right now and many are looking for stimulus debt relief and any other kind of financial aid. With jobs being lost, the value of homes going down, and the stock market performing so poorly, people who are in debt are in more trouble than ever before. Debt collectors are being especially annoying right now as everyone needs money, including the companies people owe debt to.

Unfortunately there is nothing like government debt relief grants from Obama but there are places you can go to get debt help. Debt Negotiator matches consumers who have $10,000 or more of credit card debt, with counselors who will help them resolve their debt.

1) They will help you legally reduce your credit card debt and other kinds of debt.
2) They will help you reduce the amount of your monthly payments.

Debt Negotiator is a step you can take to learn more about what you need to do to reduce your debt and start turning your ship around. But if you are looking for free money and free debt relief, you should know that it does not exist.

Obama debt relief grants from the government are a fantasy because they just don’t exist. Some people might be looking for them because they have heard of the stimulus bill and all the money that is being thrown around by the goverment. That money is mostly going to companies and local governments and it is NOT going to individuals.


  1. misty lindstrand says:

    have over $20k in credit cards, and not enough income

  2. myra sterling says:

    i need help paying my mortgage, its in forecloser

  3. I lost my regaler job, and my husband and business is not able to operate from lack of mone. All our bills are behind including business bills. We need all the help we can get.

  4. kayla kierstead says:

    i need help paying my loans for college i dont have a job because jobs are hard to come by these days. I am also in debt from a car i had and it got stolen. I stll owed 5,ooo dollars.

  5. say it aint so says:

    to kayla kierstead,

    If you have not already contacted your student loan company, please do so. They may give you a deferment or a forebearance.

  6. Nathan Jones says:

    Is it legal to have unsecured debt while getting disability insurance? Some legal advise? PLEASE

  7. Annie says:

    I quit my job due to a non-enriching work environment. I felt criticized from my fellow employees as well as the boss, who constantly tore his anger into me daily and forced me to work FULL TIME and to have my schooling scheduled around my work time. At the same time, other fellow employees were able to have a flexible schedule while I couldn’t.

    I quit after a mental breakdown and an awkward moment with my boss, where he confessed his ‘attraction’ to me. I have had a HARD time finding a new job after I quit. I lasted 4 months unemployed with only the small amount of money that I have saved. Soon afterward, I didn’t have enough money to pay for anything.

    I have applied to over 50 jobs and have only received 5 interviews, in which I was not hired for since there were over 100 applicants each. I have borrowed more money than I could from fellow family members to help with my monthly billing…now I am at my end.

    I have had constant debt collectors call…and I would have to tell them that I am unable to pay for anything right now because I do not have single CENT in my bank account.

    With my money problems, I have confined myself to my room and have stopped living the life that I used to. I’m am still attending school FULL TIME, with my tuition on HOLD because my financial aid is taking a long time processing through. I do not have any money to do anything, and I feel that if something does not come in soon….then I will feel like all hope is lost.

    I have been researching up government grants…and I feel that, that is exactly what I need right now. (I feel partially angry and mentally distraught at what happened at my previous job, because now I am in an emotional mess & jobless)

  8. ck says:

    I think you need to take a long hot shower and revive yourself. You were sexually harrassed at your job and are young so you did not know what to do plus in this economy you did not want to lose your job. Seek out a lawyer who works on contingency and sue the bastard so he can’t harras other women!!! take

  9. Dan says:

    There really is no such package as the obama debt/grant relief programs. When I called, I was told they heard the same things said a thousand times already, and it was not true.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Have no job and they have taken my unemployment away for a review cause I have not found a job quick enough and I have not had income in almost 2 months cause I am being on review with the unemployment office. What can I do to get money to pay my bills that my creditors are calling for?

  11. tara hasty says:

    i am a student and have two kids i had my loans put into a deferment from the program last year to go back and get my associates degree and cant find a job and it has left me struggling to take care of my kids on a daily basis to where i stand a risk of loosing custody of them as well as bill collectors calling me everyday and i cant pay…what can i do?

  12. Jordan says:

    Bear with me here….Please.
    I was involved in a fight 2 days after I graduated high school, we were out numbered 12 to 4 and were beat out of the house ( at a party thrown by rival school members) the incident occurred at. We went back into the house to have our (18 yr old revenge) immediately after the incident. I was charged with 1st Degree Burglary for this high school fight, where nothing was taken, no weapons were involved and no one was seriously hurt… Although I wasn’t convicted of 1st Degree Burglary, the charge was pleaded down (if pleaded is the term, idk) 4 times, first to another felony burglary charge, next another, then a serious misdeameanor before the judge decided assault causing bodily injury and 2 yrs probation was the right fit… Since then my life has been hell…
    I have been harassed by police officers in my community, turned down for enlistment in the military on countless occasions and cannot obtain a respectable job that will enable me to raise a family…. While in college, the yr after the fight incident, my grandfather died. I missed my first appt. with my assigned probation officer to attend my grandfathers funeral. I called my probation officer before hand to let him know I wouldn’t be making it.(However, only hours before the funeral, a mistake on my part, I admit)…The officer revocated my probation and sent me to prison for a 2 yr term. While there I was a model prisoner and was moved to an “honor block” and spent a total of 3 months there before being shipped back to county jail for a court hearing where I was told that as long as I had paid my fines I would be released…
    Instead, the judge had taken a vacation on my scheduled day to see him and left a court order for me to attend a half way house for a period of 4 months (but no available spot for 2 months, so I remained in jail), unaware that I had released funds to pay all my court fines and debts to the state.
    When I was finally released, I returned to my community only to find that I was no longer viewed as the sweet, athletic, christian, funny and popular guy that I had been viewed as when I left. Now I was simply associated with the worst kind of criminals. (How would you view someone you knew had been to prison for assault?) People who I had always known and loved and vice versa were now too busy for my company, skeptical of me and scared of me or at least uncomfortable to be associated with me. Even my high school sweetheart, who stood by me through the whole ordeal, bailed on me, not wanting to deal with the fall-out…
    The police in my town seemed to be around every corner waiting for me to slip up as well. (I was pulled over 5 times in 2 weeks in Bettendorf, IA, for traffic violations and was never once ticketed. I have been charged with over 40 infractions and found guilty of only 5 that were possession of alcohol, striking fixtures, public intox, swearing and traffic violations.)Perhaps I should not have been so vocal around town about how I thought I got screwed over by law enforcement!
    Friends told me, their parents had told them not to hang around with me and that it would only invite trouble… I began drinking as many lost and depressed college age kids do and quickly isolated myself further from those in my community who were “respected”, “trusted” and held the key to many opportunities that I would never see.
    With one stupid mistake when I was 18 yrs old, I had set off a chain of events that has haunted me up untill the time I am writing this letter at 28 in hopes that someone, ANYONE will take notice. I am now 28 yrs old (sober for 6, with one slip up)… I have climbed no further toward success since I was 18, except for building a rather impressive resume as a sales professional while working for minimal pay. (I made Wyndham Worldwide over 3 million dollars in 2009 with my sales efforts and was only compensated 14,000 dollars total for the year.) You see, when you have a sketchy background, are desperate for employment and have a natural talent for sales, sales employers are very eager to take advantage of your situation for their monetary gain and realize that you will work for pennies just to get in the door. And they sure did. I have lived in poverty my entire adult life even though my resume would suggest otherwise… I’ve never asked for help or assistance untill now and I am embarrassed and ashamed to do so. But I feel I am at my end…
    When I apply for jobs, the employers immediately let me know that I have a very impressive and intimidating resume. They say things like, “We would like to extend a salary offer to you!”(43k plus commission was offered to me 1 week ago), days before they call and tell me they are going to have to retract the offer after reviewing my background check. Usually because of a company policy that doesn’t allow them to hire me because of my record…
    I cannot raise a family, let alone support myself with the jobs I am able to obtain outside of being “used” in the sales field. And I barely scrape by in sales the way I am treated. I do not want to resort to unemployment but it is very frustrating to see those on unemployment taking home more money than me, when I work very hard, 40 hrs a week…
    Over the course of these 10 years my credit has hit rock bottom (I destroyed my credit before I even knew what it was with student loans and medical bills), I still am driving the 97′ Chrysler I bought in high school (which is on it’s last leg), I have a negative balance in my checking account, I am embarrassed to even pursue a relationship with a woman because I can’t even afford to take her out for a cup of coffee, I have researched methods of suicide that won’t create debt for my family, have considered criminal enterprises as a means of climbing out of debt and over-all feel like my life, my ambitions, my dreams, my love, my livelihood and my hopes have been crushed…
    If someone with the power to do something would only take the time to review my record and my credit with me and keep an open mind, they would see that have done little more to be a menace to society than your average American boy and have less than $20,000 in debt, perhaps they would help me.
    All I want is the opportunity to once again be a productive member of society… I would do anything to go back in time and make right my wrongs but I cannot. I feel I am doing all I can to get back on my feet but that I am fighting a system that is seemingly designed to hold me down and to punish me for my past untill the day I die… or the day I submit to crime or suicide.
    Please help me, if you can… Can I have my record or my debt expunged or erased? I feel these are the only things holding me back from becoming a success, a role-model and a secure individual capable of raising a family!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and listen to my cries. God bless you!

    Barely hopeful,

  13. Theresa says:

    Government debt relief grants present a great option to get out of debt. These grants are packaged in various ways and are set aside by the federal government to be made available to debtors based on their needs.



  14. Linda says:

    I am confused. Some say there is an Obama Debt Relief Plan and others say there is not. I tend to belief there is not because I haven’t been able to find proof. I own a small business and could sure use some financial help. I have some debts that need to be paid off and I would love to increase and enlarge the services my business provides. Can you tell me a company that is above board and can truely help me without taking advantage of me?