Now that Barack Obama is President and he has been in office 100 days, what has he done for students and all the young people that voted for him? Has he given us any Obama grants? How about any back to school grants? The big question with Obama student loans is whether companies and the government should be allowed to profit from them or whether we should lend money to students at a very low rate and give them the opportunity to get a reasonably priced education. After all, the youth of America are our future and shouldn’t we do everything we can to see that they get educated?

The student loan battle seems to be one that is being waged between private lenders and the government. President Obama has a student loan plan that will end private student lending  and make them all go through the federal government. This is no different that anything else he is doing which is to try to get the goverment to take over something that has been in private industry. But is he right this time?

Some of the student loans from private lenders like Sallie Mae have been at higher rates than the federal government could offer. These private companies make a profit and that is one of the possible problems with having private lenders be allowed to offer student loans. They also agressively try to collect on these loans which puts tremendous pressure on our college age kids who, through no fault of their own, might have trouble repaying them because of the economy.

Under Obama student grants, there would be no private loans where they could charge the students whatever rate they wanted. The loans would all be at a lower rate regulated by the US government. Many people will reject this proposal by saying that the government never does anything better than the private sector. Usually they are right but this might be one of the times when they are wrong. If we want our youth to be able to afford an education, which obviously benefits all of us, we need to figure out how to make college more affordable. Lowering the interest rates through Obama student loans would be one way of doing that.


  1. Glenda says:

    why is everybody asking for money for these grant that Obama is offering free.

  2. andrew says:

    Thank you Obama for trying to reform the student loan system. So where can I go to get a loan so that I may actually finish school? I can’t seem to find a private lender and I’ve already met the annual limit. Hello? Mr. President?

  3. Alfredo F. Villaescusa says:

    dear Sr. I’m happy becasuse I can take grants for to continuing my education, I have 4 kids, that he all ready completed university carrier, now it is my time is’t it? I’m 63 years old and I have my goal to complete my education high levol a.s.s.p.

  4. Ravit says:

    I’m a new student beginning a n undergraduate degree, and I don’t have enough federal loans money to cover my tuition. Now that banks cannot lend private student loan money anymore, how am I supposed to pay the rest of my tuition money? Can anybody help me with answers?

  5. Jakkiyya Wilkins says:

    I am currently attending Devry Univeristy, but it is not as easy as it could be if I did not have to worry about my financial aid dropping leaving less funding for my housing and classes. This grant would really be helpful towards making my college education much easier.

  6. Mary Beth says:

    it would realy help out with the grants with my baby and money to get back and forth to school and get me and my baby a house of our own…. so please Obama help me… please and thank you!!!!

  7. Hello Mr. President. My name is Brianna Vereen. I’m 18yrs old and is very interesting in going to college. However my mom cant afford to send me with 3 other little kids to take care of. Can you please lead and help me in the right direction on how to apply for a grant/loan so I can pursue my dreams in the medical field.

    Thanks. 🙂

  8. raquel medina says:

    i belive in this, its not fake obama has help alot of people special single mom. it hard out there so why not change your life,im going to change my life and do somthing for my family and myself not live pay check to pay. now it hard when you go out there to look for work everyday and they tell you there not hire or we will call you for an interw.so it time to do somthing it not to late!