WARNING: Don’t get SCAMMED! So many people are under the impression that they can get some free money directly from Obama grants, stimulus rebates, the stimulus bill, green grants, and the government’s bailout of America. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! The stimulus bill has nothing in it for individual people. Other sites will scam you if they tell you otherwise. There are still government grants available as always but they have NOTHING to do with the stimulus bill or Obama! If you are going to profit from the stimulus bill it will probably have to be in the form of a job that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

Many so called grant companies will ship you a cheap CD (maybe for $1.95) and say it is a free trial period and they will help you get your grant. Then when you forget to cancel you will be charged a monthly fee of $49.95 or $79.95 or some other large amount. This is all in the fine print. GOVERNMENT GRANTS ARE FREE AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR THEM! Don’t fall for this scam!


  1. Brian Hayden says:

    I,m just trying to find out how to get free grant money without ending up on a bad web site just need to know how to apply for grant money to start a business

  2. barelifts says:

    I should of known better. The government only gives out money to big banks and corporations to bail them out not to oridnary hard working cizitens.

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    Heck, I am trying to a grant for a CNA certificate and it is impossible. Noone is listening. I have contacted my sentors and representatives, and still nothing. I am a displaced worker too. CNA is no a credited course. No pell grants, nothing. Why this is, I don’t understand because you have to take a minium of 75 hours and a state test. Just plain ripped off.

  4. David says:

    Dear Obama Stimulus Government Grants Money,

    I’ve tried to get a Grant over two years ago and I got both burned and shafted at Professional Grant Writer’s Institute.

    I tried over two years ago to get a Grant for my business at D@H Home Comfort Systems, Inc and the Grant Analyst was very nasty towards me on my cellphone and she also used interigational tactics that were also illegal when she questioned me and then she wanted me to give her $1,000.00 just to put in for a Grant for about $25,000.00 so that I could my business going at D&H Home Comfort Systems, Inc going but I ended up cutting off the service because of her atitude toward me and she was lucky that I didn’t file a complaint against her for harassment against her because it’s illegal to harass someone like me becuase with disabilities and I’m autistic. The Company is Grant Writer’s Institute and they couldn’t take care of my needs at all and I ended up having to cut the service as well and they even told me that I would qualify for a Government Loan with the SBA(Small Business Administration). That’s not going to work because I declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on 1/18/06.

    Take care 2011 Stimulus Grants.