The Obama stimulus bill has been passed and now the hard work begins. Every state and every city in America wants to get as much of the 787 billion in federal money that will be flooded into the system. More money than ever before is going up for grabs and the scramble for stimulus cash, stimulus rebates, and Obama free grants is officially on. Everyone including government officials, companies, charities, local governments, and individuals are going to be trying to get their share of the Obama stimulus grants.

If you want to get your share of the free government grants, you are going to have to learn how to apply for them and do it while funds are still available. Obama is giving away free money but you have to know how to get it. He is even trying to change the face of student loans in this country. With Obama student loans, there would be no more privatization and all loans to students would go through the government. He says that this is a way to loan the money at lower interest rates than private companies are willing to give.

This rush for free Obama dollars is just starting so now is the time to act. The goverment is giving hundreds of millions in bail out moeny to all the banks and car makers and it is all coming out of our tax dollars. If they are getting bailed out isn’t it time to get our share too?  From education grants, business grants, housing grants, student grants, grants for minorities, grants for women…they are all here.


  1. im lookin out for my son to go to college and would like the help that our president OBAMA is given on scholarship grants, anything from 2,000 or higher will be exceptable.

    thank you mother of jermaine williams. Ella Williams

  2. Lynda Reece says:

    I am looking for a grant to help me with my home. My husband lost his job in December right before Christmas and we are trying to keep up and keep my home. We are way behind and is trying so hard to keep up with everything. I lost my car in January. We are just trying to survive right now and keep our very modest home for our two children. Thank you so much, Sincerely Lynda Reece.

  3. Christal J. Taylor says:

    I am a single Hispanic/African American women trying to seek grants that will help my 18 year old son to begin his college career. I am so proud that he has made it this far and wants to continue his education.

  4. Tajrea T. Dyer says:

    I am a 35 Year old single african american mother of four I am trying to go back to school and make a better life for me and my children. I also have a one year old grandaughter I support my whole family I work full time , I commute one hr each way to work and I will be attending school full time. I am a very dedicated , self motivated individule that if given the opportunity will be greatly appreciative. A grant will definiately help with my education. I strugle with financial difficulties however I will overcome that to complete my bachlor’s program.

  5. Kimberly Mohead says:

    I am a single mother of 4 and I have 2 grandchildren I was laid off of my job in march of 2009 and I have decided I want to go school and open my own business in a hair and nail salon. I already found the school to go to I just need the information to find out where I can apply for grants for me to go back to school. I am behind in my mortagage and car payments it is very hard right now and i want to work for myself can you please direct me to the right information so i can take care of my family. I really want to go back to school and I want to show my talent and make customers happy with the work I know how to do. Please help me

  6. Maria Campbell says:

    I am 28 year old single mom who wants the best for her five children. It seems like I cant get a break and I really need one. I want to be able to get a house for us that they can be happy. I try on a daily bases to provide the best without their fathers and it aint easy. Please help us I tryed to get and application fro the stimulus loan and there wasnt anymore I am tired if not being able to have my own home where myself as well as my children. I dont think I am asking for much but I am crying out for your help. I am employed but not gettung enough hours to support anyone not even myself. Please dont over look me I really need help and its killing me inside that I am low income with only a little bit of money a month and I want a house I deserve a house I need a house as well as a better job. Please please help me and my family

  7. Victor Martin says:

    I am a 24 year old hard working man who really needs help. I work everyday and I make minium wage and I allI want is a better life and I want help to get a place of my own. I ma dependable and I know that I deserve. I am currenly taking care of my grandmother and working at my church. So all I am asking is for your help and your support so that I can get on my feet and make a better life for myself.

  8. africiaspradley says:

    im a single parent, with five ,very bright kids. im strugling, im staying with my mom ,i dont have transpotation, my children clothing are barley fitting, an im looking for any help i can get .whatever help ,i will be truley blessed

  9. I am 21 year old female, who is currently going threw a divorce to an ex Army soilder. I was married to him for two years and support him and was devoted to him 100%. I earned scholarships for college right out of high school, they were only good for Colorado colleges. I moved to NC to be with my husband when he returned from 15mths overseas at war. I lost all my scholarships for college and I never would have thought I would get a divorce. I never went into my marriage thinking I would one day get a divorce. But he came back with some major issues that he just won’t deal with, I was stuck with a drunk, abusive and sucidial man and I finally faces the cold hard fact that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. So now that I am getting a divorce I have no funding for college and thats all I want to do is go to school and get a good job. I want to major in Criminal Justice and help make the world a better place. I work full time min. wage and really want to do something with my life and make myself a better person. I am a very devoted, motivated and determined indiviual. I would be greatful for any grant given to me and I would def. help change the world.

  10. Cindy shehan says:

    The people who are “deserving” of this free money seem to be the people who had made bad choices in their life. Now they want my tax dollars to support their life. Don’t sleep around without protection and have 5 children by the age of 28. Can you afford that? Why should my taxes be raised to deprive my children of the fruit of my labor. you made your choices . Free money my ass low income people don’t contribute they take take take from the producers. I’ll bet everyone comenting on how needy they are have cell phones and or computers. Big screen tvs and a satelite dish. The poor underprivileged “deserving masses”.

  11. gina k says:

    Hey I’m from Citygroup um’ I want my 45 Billion. It’s funny how when people need a few dollars to get through crisis, they’ve made “bad” choices but when large corporations need several billion dollars we don’t even bat an eye!

  12. Grace R says:

    Certainly a lot of people have needs in this country. Naturally teaching people how to fish is the best answer.
    How does one apply for the *Obama cash*? That is the question that needs to be answered.
    Just telling people to act now does not make sense, for those that really may need it for making a business that is failing due to economic downturn, or a student who would benefit from monies for college.
    Of course, this is not the lottery, as many might think that it is, but it is a stimulus that is given *back* and could be distributed throughout the many, rather than just to a few.
    I see anger from people that believe that some folks have made their bed and now they must lie in it. Judging others does not help them to be a better citizen of the world.
    Spread the benefits, and build the economy back up.
    Stop sending all the jobs overseas, stop sending all the manufacturing overseas. Bring the jobs back so that people will have their own self respect.
    Use the money to improve and create.
    But Answer the Question, HOW do people apply for the money!

  13. JTHM says:

    Oh Gina, have you ever thought about thinking for yourself instead of tired and useless Liberal progressive talking points.
    Actual productive working Americans stood to lose much much more if the banking institutions failed. Worse of all, many of the banks didn’t want TARP funds, they were forced to in order to stop a run on the banks.
    Try this Gina,
    Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats the rest of his life.
    The Welfare society, the hand-outs the people on here are looking for are the result of liberal social programs. Instead of lifting up, they’ve been let down.
    5 KIDS! No father? and you want Obamamoney ( that would be taxpayer money you Dolts).

    Poster hit the nail on the head.

  14. David says:

    I am a married white guy, NO CHANCE of getting any money huh!! Thanks Obama… $787Billion and No Change!!

    Good job

  15. renee rico says:

    I am trying to apply for all these single mother(44 yrs old) grants because I need a new career I divorced my abusive husband and now I may lose my home I’m trying to figure out how to apply for these grants without staying with one online school please some one help me figure this out.

    renee rico

  16. Loretta Gaddy says:

    i am a single mother of four two boys and two girls ages 5,4,2,and eight months and i need a grant to get me and my children a better living

  17. I am a divorced single women age 60, that was left bankrupt 5 years ago by my ex-husband. Although I have a good education and thorough work experience, nobody is hiring a 60 year old woman. I am starting over and want to breed german shepherds, the #3 smartest and 2nd and 3rd most popular dog in the USA in most states. But I need a grant to continue the business. It has already shown a profit, but I am forced to find another location for my kennel. Please help

  18. Tonya says:

    I’m not shocked at the narrow-minded, limited, lack thinking that some still have. Everyone makes choices that do not always turn out in a way others may perceive as a wise choice. Exactly when does a person receive the support and guidance that we ALL deserve? I’m not saying we should sit on our butts and get a check; what I’m saying IS, let’s ban together and all work together and let go of the judgment. Let’s love one another and everyone is deserving of it all, no matter what choices were made. Children are NOT a mistake, ever!

    The right wants it where no abortion is possible, yet they don’t want welfare or support the lower class. You cannot have it both ways! Many people were brought up with sucky parents and it does affect them their entire life, most not waking up to realize they do matter until mid to late 20’s, if then!

    Go look in a mirror and ask, if you were in someone’s shoes, should you be punished or have someone help raise you up? Would you want to be beaten down by nasty, unhappy, critical people or would that help you at all? Let’s not enable, but rise up! Together, as a country, before the NWO takes over and we all are left without a dime.


  19. Amy says:

    O.k., I am just wanting to know why race is the first thing everyone needs to adress in their posts? Does it really matter? A mother is a mother, no matter your color, right? Doesn’t everyone deserve a chance?

  20. Tumusiime says:

    Iam a ugandan looking for a grant to fight hunger and poverty in uganda and entere world , this though agriculture where we shall caltivate cassava , maize, sogham and sweet potoetoes which fight both problems . kindly suport me for the sack of our community .
    +256 392964408

  21. I am a single parent who is struggling with my 4 kids. I recently lost my job. I have no income coming in. It has been very difficult for me and to even see my kids go through this as well. I am looking for a Grant that is going to help me with my bills which I am behind in. I am also looking for a Grant that will allow me to go full time in school as well as child care. I would like to go for my nursing.That has always been my dream to go back to school so I can better myself for me and my kids.

  22. Jeanette says:

    I Lost My Job and Iam Looking for help with my bills .I am so far behid on my bills i really need help. ihave a son that is about to enter college and i really need to help him,and i also have a daughter that is 7yrs old.but hard times have just hit me .

  23. ann says:

    hello I am a widow who needs grant funds to finish college 2007 was a shocking year for me in june my daughter finished high school expecting a baby the following month in July my husband passed away after that August rolls around and my grandson was born I put my nursing career on hold to help my daughter obtain a career so baby would not grow up in proverty she inlisted in the United States Army thngs are going good for them now and I want to return back to school to finish with my nursing career please help if someone is out there who have information about the obama grant please get in touch with me thanks for your help email me—

  24. jean says:

    is there any help out there for me to keep my home; i am about to lose it because i got behind cause i lose my job due to sickness in april of o7 and i been waiting on my ssi; it came throuth but what they gave me was a eought to try to keep my lights and on;would someone please tell me what ican do to keepmy house?

  25. Austin Ruscoe says:

    I am writing this lettr in sheer despiration. I have alway’s been able to survive andI am now sinking fast. My wife has had a brain tumor for the past 13 years. Over the last 2 years she has undergone 5 brain surgeries to remove the tumor and it appears successful, but she has been unable to work and the disability still does not allow her to work. He brain tumor almost cost us our marriage and I had to
    sell my house and vehicles. I had to retire on a disability retirement from being a Police Officer, due to injuries I suffered from in the line of duty injuries. Prior to my retirement I had to work 3 jobs to keep my family afloat. I finally was able to get a job, making good money training explosive detector dogs with a contract company, which I did for the Police dept. bfore my retirement. I was then laid off and have lost 35,000 to 40,000 a year. I am back to working 7 day a week an can not keep up with the bills. I NEED YOUR HELP DESPARATELY! CAN YOU HELP! I have never begged in my enire life, consider this begging! PLEASE!

  26. Tanya Yohe says:

    I am a 33 year old mother of two sons that are 17 and 11. I am married to a great man but he hasn’t been able to find stable work so now our bills are slipping further and further. I already had to file bankruptcy this year so I wouldn’t lose more than I have already. Well now I have found out that my 17 yr old son’s fiance is 5 months pregnant so now we have to get our house up to standards before the baby comes. There are so many things I need to do. We scrape by every week. I bearly have money for food even with food stamps. I am asking how I can get some of the Obama grant money to help me start my own business and get my bills and house straight. THanks

  27. paula says:

    I am a divorced single women age 60, that was left bankrupt 5 years ago by my ex-husband. Although I have a good education and thorough work experience, nobody is hiring a 60 year old woman. I am starting over and want to breed german shepherds, the #3 smartest and 2nd and 3rd most popular dog in the USA in most states. But I need a grant to continue the business. It has already shown a profit, but I am forced to find another location for my kennel. Please help

  28. Hi I am a single parent my son has austism and adhd I am disabled I have 2 types of nerve damage 1 I inheirt the other from diabetes RELUX DISEASE and other health problems why can”t I get exta cash to help me because 600.00 on social security is not enough money to pay for bills or get my medication my Barbara Montgomery 71153 highway21 apt4 Covington,La.70433 9858927739 please i need help Barbara Montgomery

  29. Rick Lowhorn says:

    I Need Help to Buy a Home I Lost Mine And try to Start 4 Business If You Can Help Me Call Me At 6156661012 And I Need My Teeth Fix They Really Need Fixing Please Help Me Please Call Me Please