Now that the largest Obama stimulus package in the history of the United States has been passed, where do you go to get some money? Maybe the question should be are you going to be getting some free stimulus money? Will we all get a stimulus check or a stimulus rebate like a year ago when everyone got $600.00 sent to them by the US goverment?

Most of the money is not going to go to you and me. There are some new tax breaks and because of this your checks may get a little bit bigger in the coming months. But not a lot bigger, just $10 to $20 or so. If you are on food stamps you will get a little more in stamps and if you are on unemployment you will get about $25 more and be able to get them longer.

If you are newly unemployed you will be glad to know that health insurance through COBRA will last longer and the government will pay for more of it. Police forces will get money to hire more policemen.

The rest of the Obama stimulus money will go to schools, the enviroment, paving roads and other things like that where you will not directly benefit. Obama US government grants will be the only way to try to get more of this money if you want it. This massive give away of all this money is going to be paid for by our children and maybe even their grandchildren in the form of higher taxes.

There is a ton of free Obama money going everywhere with this bill and if you are smart and can figure it out, there are ways I’m sure to get some of it. Unfortunately, there will be no new US government grants because of this bill. There will be the usual grants available but nothing new from the 2009 stimulus. If you want to profit and get some of the stimulus money, you will probably have to get one of the new green jobs to save the environment or some other jobs that has been created as a result of this bill. 


  1. Ena Wallet says:

    Once government takes over, the only way for YOU to get free or subsidized health care is for someone else to have their wages taken and re-distributed to you … that’s called SOCIALISM. You should not be proud of being a socialist.

  2. Allen Barkdull says:

    Every product and service in the free market is profit driven, it has ALWAYS been that way, it never changed “somewhere along the way”. Profit in the free market is what leads to quality and availability with supply meeting demand. Profit also provides the means for innovation to occur in healthcare. Competition in the free market is what keeps profit reasonable and proper. To the extent that healthcare costs were too high in the past, that’s because there was TOO MUCH government involvement already, restricting competition. For example, rules keeping insurance from crossing state lines.

  3. Lanny Arning says:

    Government innovates nothing. Government is very inefficient in re-distributing wealth, it involves middleman bureaucrats with high salaries, bureaucrats which take FREEDOM away because THEY make the decisions about what healthcare you’ll receive and when.