Now that the largest Obama stimulus package in the history of the United States has been passed, where do you go to get some money? Maybe the question should be are you going to be getting some free stimulus money? Will we all get a stimulus check or a stimulus rebate like a year ago when everyone got $600.00 sent to them by the US goverment?

Most of the money is not going to go to you and me. There are some new tax breaks and because of this your checks may get a little bit bigger in the coming months. But not a lot bigger, just $10 to $20 or so. If you are on food stamps you will get a little more in stamps and if you are on unemployment you will get about $25 more and be able to get them longer.

If you are newly unemployed you will be glad to know that health insurance through COBRA will last longer and the government will pay for more of it. Police forces will get money to hire more policemen.

The rest of the Obama stimulus money will go to schools, the enviroment, paving roads and other things like that where you will not directly benefit. Obama US government grants will be the only way to try to get more of this money if you want it. This massive give away of all this money is going to be paid for by our children and maybe even their grandchildren in the form of higher taxes.

There is a ton of free Obama money going everywhere with this bill and if you are smart and can figure it out, there are ways I’m sure to get some of it. Unfortunately, there will be no new US government grants because of this bill. There will be the usual grants available but nothing new from the 2009 stimulus. If you want to profit and get some of the stimulus money, you will probably have to get one of the new green jobs to save the environment or some other jobs that has been created as a result of this bill. 


  1. Ilene Richman says:

    I am a commercial real estate broker and developer. I want to open a real estate office to concentrate on the listing, sale and leasing of medical properties as medical office buildings, hospitals, senior and independent, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing, surgery and ambulatory centers. I intend to hire several people to work in this enterprise as a secretary, computer expert, financial analyst aside from commercial real estate agents. I need stimulus money to set up my business with computers, furniture, subsctiptions, telephones, etc. I have good credit and always pay bills on time. In addition, I have been a commercial real estate broker for 28 years in which I sold all types of commercial properties and developed shopping centers. As of now, I am concentrating on the health care field. Where can I obtain stimulus money to start my medical real estate business?

  2. Todd Imboden says:

    I work for Texas Parks and Wildlife and there is a hospital that has been closed for 7 years, it is a historical site that treated polio patients in the 40’s – 60’s that needs resoration. Some of the newer building was erected in the 80’s and is good shape.
    The site has problems and the hospital has been trying to sell for many years for 7 million dollars.
    In the last week the Hospital has come to TPWD asking if we could take the facility as a donation.
    We would like to take the unit and turn into a traning facility but TPWD does not have the funds to make this facility a functional operation.
    I know this is a quick note but I’m looking for a way to the stimulous money that might be availible to save a historic site and promote outdoor education in a county that is really struggling with this economy.

    Todd Imboden
    Park Superintendent
    Palmetto State Park
    OR cell



  4. Scott Susag says:

    I live in Montana and have my own business that is looking to expand and create some new jobs in a small rural town. Is there any grants, low interest low, or stimulous money available to create jobs?? You can contact me at 406-480-1785 Thanks Scott

  5. Lornalee York says:

    I live in Idaho and had to move last March due to foreclosure of my rented home, landlord did not pay and we were the victims of his greed. I am on SS and this Nov I lost 94.67 to the govt for Medicare and will lose anothe 110.00 next year and then 121.00 the following year, and none of this is my fault all I ever did was pay in to the system and at 64 years old I was forced out of work and had to go on unemployment, which ran out and I was extended for another few months and then cut off, I am okay with that as others needed to be paid as the economy turned bad. We moved out to the country and leased a 2.97 acre home and had hopes of starting a small farming and vegetables business, to help seniors and people that are out of work, but my husband had knee replacement and then in Oct I had hernia operation and so we had no money to start plans. We have never taken anything from the GOVT and paid alot into it over the 47 years we have been married. I could use some help with the business plan and also with the possible purschase of the land as out lease is up in March, if we do not get something in the works we will be out of housing again. All of our saved money has gone to Dr bills and hospital due to my having 2 open heart surgeries, (2001 & 2003). Is there any money out there to assist someone with our needs? We have about 26,000.00 in debt including cars, medical, credit cards, and monthly expencies.

    Thank you for helping me


  6. Jonathan s williams says:

    I am a 53 year old displaced oil field worker,and my company has down sized perminately.I’m on unemployment for over one year and going to run out of benefits.I want to go back school at UTI/MMI but I have no money. I’m also slightly disabled (birth defect)and need this very much. Can you help me?
    I’ve talked to UTI but no word yet. My new President says he’ll help but I’m scared this will slip past me. Please, please help.

  7. Scott says:

    Honorable President Obama,

    I own a small to medium size business and am looking for stimulus money to expand and hire. For every van I put on the streets we will need to hire 5 people. An investment of $52,300 will purchase a carpet cleaning van and we will hire and train 5 new people.

    In addition to hiring, the company uses all environmentally safe products, green products.

    Stimulus money will be used to purchase equipment, which will keep more people employed.

    The purchased equipment will require us to hire more people to use green products.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Scott S.

  8. Tony Dull says:

    Honorable President Obama,

    I’m an out of work Information Technology teacher that is interested in start-up business for technology education. I live in the greater Tampa, FL area and I feel that this would be a benefit for out of work citizens in the area.

    I am a veteran teacher and have the necessary skills for delivering high tech material to make a person employable in this field. I taught for three years in a local area college and six years in the public education system.

    I would need funds to find a location for the facility, computer hardware and software, office & classroom furniture, educational materials such as books, and a employees for delivery of the lessons.

    This would be a great opportunity to stimulate the economy by providing 21st century skills to Florida residents and also providing me with a full time job,

    Thank-you for considering my request,

    Tony Dull

  9. Beverly Benson says:

    I am disabled I have a part time business, I would like to expand into full time I need stimulus money to set up my business with computers, furniture,Heat presses, printers ect… I also need to train and hire 3 students, I am limited in Income what little I make goes right back out, is there any stimulous program that can help me get ahead and out of debt? All I have is my Business I lost my home, car. please contact me by email or Phone 954-822-1795 I live in Florida and the cost of living here is very expensive. thank you for your response.

  10. Tom Russin says:

    I have been a teacher for 5 yrs, and have ran my own precision welding/fabrication shop for 10. I am a certified AWS welder and I taught at a Tech school welding, and I learned very quickly that these Tech schools are not efficient in providing quality welders in the workforce. They are more interested in keeping students enrolled and their profits up. In addition to this, the closest weld school is several hours away which makes is very difficult for parents with children to attend and still provide for their families.
    I am typing this while Predent Obama is giving his State of the Union Address in the next room – I hear “Clean Energy” is a major topic and necessary to our future. Welders are necessary to build power/solar/nuclear plant – Yet there are no schools or grants to start schools in the area. In fact, the local Tech school just shut down their welding program to make room for a massage program and a fire program.
    Would love to start a welding program that would provide skills for life to unlimited families – I know there are many grants for students to attend tech school, but is there anything available to star a welding tech school to provide for these students.
    Thank you,
    Tom Russin

  11. Hi Mr. President,

    I have been on unemployment for a year now. During that year I have been working on a ministry, and doing architectural and graphic design projects (logo design) to make some ends meet. I want to expand and get some equipment like a large copier to print my architectural plans, and that package where I can do my own screen printing. I believe I can take care of everything for about $5,000 to $6,000. I have a good business plan, and want to start with sending out a sample of a business card, letterhead and envelope to my local area churches. I figure if I can get with the churches, they can also help with the Try Jesus Ministry. At least I and 1 or two other people will be working, initially…

    Many blessing and strength for you and the First Family.

    Latosha Cobham

  12. Cynthia Robinson says:

    I have been unemployed since May 2008. I am a certifed clinical research profesional, interested in stimulus money for a health care disparities project to make minorities aware of how clinical trial can be benefical to their health and how the data would benefit society.

    Also, I am interested in finding out how do I go about contracting to mannager clinical sites that the federal government is involved in with research participant.

    Thank you and many blessing to you an your family.

  13. CHARISSE KEYS says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    My name is Charisse Keys and i am a single parent of 4. Two of my children are adults and i have 2 teenagers ages 16 and 17. Society says my chilren cant do certain things because of their disability. They have the potentiaL to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think. My daughter is an honor roll student and my son has the capability to be an honor roll as well. They both were born with sickle cell disease and the odds are against them. I havent worked in a year and i just recently applied to ARGOSY UNIVERSITY. My children want to attend college, but we cannot afford to pay any student loans. We are in desperate need of help. I want to have a testimony of coming from poverty to prosperity.

  14. delia cuellar says:

    i am intrested in getting accurate information about grants for moms returning to school

  15. JaToya says:

    I’m interested in going back to school to get my bacholor’s degree. I’m a single mother of two. I wanted to know if the grants for moms still availible?

  16. Susan Hampton says:

    Im 20yrs old. low income. currently expecting. im going to be a single mom. im looking for grants to get into school and possibly getting goverment assistance in helping buy A home for the future. im at a loss with noone to help me find out what i need to do.

  17. Kamisha Lowe says:

    Dear Mr.President, I just had a baby been out of work for two months going to be a while before I go back.I know everybody has their own story likethe rest of the american citizens we just all need some help.Me,my newborn and boyfriend is currently staying with my parents until we get on our feet.I have no car right now.looking for a way to go back to school.Been out of school for almost 4 years just trying to make somthing out of myself so I can be proud

  18. Kathy McDonald says:

    Dear Mr. President, I am a mother of two and have put my dreams on hold for 10 years now. I have an oppurtunity to go to school to become a nurse but i need the funding. This will help me out very much. thank you for everything you have done to help the working class citizens god bless

  19. josh bolen says:

    hello im josh and i need help i have invented a new total green electric
    car this invention makes hybrid cars look like old
    technology this is a total electric car that needs no recharge and
    don’t run of solar it actually charges itself so there
    no loose of power or no need to stop and recharge therefor you can
    drive as long as you want with… no mileage limit or how long you can be
    out and no need to use foreign oil and it is the future of green technology in
    car technology.i have been looking for help getting a grant to take this technology to market with no luck.It works for many things that run of foreign oil so what this means is we would no longer be dependent on other countries oil.this would totally take us off oil for good.

  20. The problem with this country is BOTH the Democrats and Republicans. Anyone who seriously thinks that one side isn’t corrupt or slaves to Corporate America hasn’t done an adequate job of paying attention. To the Republicans: The GW administration will go down in History as one of the worst administrations. They eroded your constitutional rights, expanded the power of the wealthy elite, invaded countries under false pretenses, destroyed diplomatic relations with the rest of the world, and spent money like it was going out of style. To the Democrats: Obama is a dud. He promised much and has turned out to be another corporate lackey. He made deals with big pharma to ensure you could not get your medication cheaper elsewhere, he flip flopped on military tribunals, he refuses to fix health care properly through nationalization or single payer, he populates his inner circle with more Wall Street insiders, he spends money on bailouts and useless stimulus packages.

  21. Frank says:

    For all of you beggars out there. Get real! Give me money for buildings, computers, vehicles, land, etc. WHAT!? This is AMERICA, THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!!! Nothing is stopping you. I own my own business with computers, vehicles, land, equipment, etc. I have worked my ass for this stuff, starting with only a few bucks and a hell of a lot of effort.

    You guys that want a handout will probably not make it anyway … you are looking for a fast buck. That mentality rarely works in the long term.

  22. Jenna says:

    Frank, I couldn’t agree more. When you put your sweat and blood into manifesting a business the odds of success are far greater than when someone hands you a feebie. That is what happened to the housing market. They gave people loans with nothing down and they just walked away and the hard working tax payers are paying for it! I worked 7 days a week 12 hours a day to develop my own business. No one ever gave me a dime, but I became successful through sacrifice, hard work and a great product. I am the only bread earner in my family because my husband had a very serious form of Leukemia and couldn’t work. I had 2 children at home at the time and a father who needed my help, but I knew that where there was a will there was a way and I made it happen and you can too! Remember that there is no free lunch and we are paying dearly for these handouts! When the dollar is devalued because of our countries reckless spending you will see what I mean, but sadly it will be too late.

    Our government needs to quit rewarding behavior that we don’t want.

  23. Vicente R. David Jr. says:

    To: The President of the United States of America

    Good Morning Mr. Barrach Obama. My name is Vicente David Jr. residing in Daly City with my dad because i am homeless. I have been out of work for 8 years and last 2007 i worked like for 6 months and filed an unemployment but my employer gave me bad impression that is why up to now i don’t get any unemployment benefits. The real truth about this is i am a hard working and a good citizen of the U. S. I have a lot of work experience from office work to field and sales wise. I also have a passion with cooking in which i was enrolled with California culinary Academy and have to quit after 5 days in school because i could not produce my transcript from the Philippines. I really need a job or if i can have a small capital to start up with a business will help me a lot and i could also help a lot of people in return by putting up a restaurant that is very reasonable to the public and to the lower class. I was thinking about ” The Green Restaurant ” in which i will produce by mixing a canned food and green vegetables without any spoilage and will be healthy because of the vegetables and the cost will be much lower because of its main ingredients. This will be to go box and would like to have a very good location in downtown San Francisco ca.
    This is my project that i think will succeed and i could also help i lot of the working class and the public by feeding them unexpensively good food.
    I am a good citizen of the United States and i would appreciate any help from you Mr. President.
    Hoping for you kind assistance.

    Your truly,
    Vicente R. David Jr.

  24. Rebecca Kirkman says:

    President Obama, Iam writing to you in hopes some how you will recieve this. ! stop deavaluating homes i have not seen the price of milk or bread deavaluated that would stop almost all forclosures. Go on the street find 5 people of different backgrounds and hire them to be your economic crisis staff shelter them from your cheif of staff and all political employees. Listen to them don’t let big bussiness influence any desisions. Make it easy for people to attend school for health care proffesions. Stop the stupid one yr wait to get disability. My husband had a to have open heart surgery, he then they believe had a stroke he is always confussed dizzy ect can not even drive and we are still having to jump thru hoops to get disability, when this happened to him he was working 3 jobs he isn’ a kid he is 52 he has paid into unemployment disability for over 30yrs and has only collected on unemploymnet for 6mons 2 yrs ago a total of 4352 dollars i can’t even imagine how much he has paid in it is crazy. We have become like mexico bussiness politicians are not losing just the hard working americans that built this country noe i am not talking about the peole who are getting disability for no reason and have learned a thousand different ways to milk the system. I am talking about people like my husband who have woked sometimes up to 4 jobs to pay his bills himself. He may not have much but what he has he bought himself. Now because of this he may lose his home because for what ever the reason we allowed homes to be deavaluated trust me he has been in this house 33 yrs true he should of had it paid for but he made unwise desions he only had a few thousnd in equite when all this happen but then they deavaluated it, the same people that values it at 89,000 just 3 yrs before value it at less then he owes now that is wrong and shows just what america has come to a big bunch of cheaters like my grand daughter would say. The house is in the same spot 6miles from the beach same condition no accidents it was evaluated by the same people that valued it 3yrs ago???? soo i vote if we can do that to idividuals homes then we should do it to every thing .30 sounds good for a gallon of milk, and i would love to actually pay what it cost to make a car with just a fair mark up. What about you??

  25. Juanita ward says:

    I am a 41yr old divorced mother of 2 teen boy’s. (ages 17 & 15) I am disabled because of having Epilepsy for almost 12 yrs. I went through 2 brain surgerys because of this. The second has worked so far. (Sept.07) I am now having bad headaches that put me to bed every day and nerves so bad that, since I started this comment I have had to stop 4 times to try to remember what I was doing. Here is what I need to know. I need more help money wise. Having 2 teens and can’t work, makes this economy worse. I do get an SSI check every month for 647.00 and around 413 in FS I get child support of 103.oo every 6 months or so because my ex has had a brain surgery also and can not work. If anyone has any Idea’s please let me know. I can be reached at Thanks.

  26. Brandy Stewart says:

    Hello President Obama,

    I filed for child support a couple of years ago in the state of California. I was awarded approximately $500.00 a month. I have yet to see any of the money to help raise my two children. Each month we struggle to make it, my kids don’t get a lot of things besides the bare essentials required to make it through each day. There father does not have a license and does not care to look for a job. I am always a paycheck away from being homeless. I tried to go to the local social service office to try to help with food stamps, to offset some of the costs. I was then told that I make too much money to qualify (2000.00) a month, for me and two kids. Please tell me how this works, if I could get the help I need from their father I would have no need to ask for help from the goverment. Could we please try to find a better way to make fathers more responsible to their children. Thank you for reading this.

    Brandy Stewart

  27. I do not see why lefties are getting so livid about this latest law. The only thing it aims to do is give police the justification to ask people for their documents. In almost all countries on earth that’s absolutely acceptable. Why is it some outrage in America?

  28. KENNETH JONES says:

    please help me and my family to obtain the free obmama funds.I can be reach at 954-936-3488 or 305-275-0440. now I,m homeless and need help

  29. Mavis says:

    Hi President Obama,
    I want to start my own business, but I do not know how to get the financial help I need. I notice foreigners are able to get grants to start their own businesses. How do I get started? Please HELP!!!


  30. Pamela Rogers says:

    Hello my name is Pamela Rogers in I’m trying to start my own trucking company I aleady have my name. I just need funding to get the business off the ground please if any body has any info I would appreciate it. The name of my company is PR Trucking my number is 773-853-4761 my email

  31. Obama has been doing a fairly good job with the economy. He at the very least doesn’t lie about the current state of the country. He just said today there are major problems in the housing sector still. I realize in my area at least the housing business has seen some increase in the past month or two.

  32. BETTY STAMPS says:


  33. tomika says:

    I am a single mother of a five year old son. I have been a cosmetologist for the past 10 yrs. renting a booth. Since the economy went down business has been slow. I’m currently a full time student majoring in early childhood development. I receive thirty five dollars a week in child support (not much to support a growing boy when his father has the finances to do more). I have been searching the web looking for free grants for single, minority mothers to open my own hair salon and childcare center. Times get rough sometimes, but we are blessed to keep our heads above water. If anyone knows of the sites to go to for the free grant money where they are not asking for credit card info. please let me know. I just need a little help to get my businesses off the ground.

  34. Hi,
    My name is Yolanda Griffin and i was interested in the stimulus grant that Obama has provided for those going back to school. I’m currently going to school to get my GED and hopefully I can receive it in 3 months, and after getting my GED I wanted to attend college to become a anesthesiologist nurse. Right now I have very low income and I am receiving cash assistance from welfare. I plan to get off of cash assistance and better myself that’s why I’m going back to school. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can respond to this or give me a call at 215-921-2927. I have my goals and I want to accomplish them. I picture myself working in a hospital and I would love to see this dream come true.
    Thank You in advance
    Yolanda Griffin

  35. M. Herring says:

    I am a single mother of 2 daughters. One is 10 and one is 12. I was divorced from my ex husband 3 years ago(it was abusive marraige on his part),I went back to him after the divorce and stayed another 2 years until he came home and said that I needed to move out (my name is on the home he is in plus the trailor I live in). My daughters and I left the house and a week later he married a 21 year old stripper and said the girls and I could live there as long as I was nice to her.So needless to say I moved in with my grandmother to save up money to move into my trailor(both names are on it) that is falling apart.I work but dont make very much and I do get $500.00 a month csupport( I signed what ever he wanted me to sign he makes $20.00 an hour and works 7 days a week.I only make 8.50 an hour and only work 40 hours a week).My problem is that right now I am on unemplyment during the summer and my trailor is falling apart and I dont have enough money to fix it. I have broken windows , broken front door,holes in the wall, the outside needs to be fixed ,porches are falling apart , and a multitude of other things.With paying trailor payment($311.00) , car payment($200.00), untilities ,and things for my children I dont have enough money for repairs. I dont know what to do to get help.I am struggling to make ends meet. I want to know what I can do to get free financial help to help fix my trailor.Any ideas would really help.Thanks for taking the time to read this . Have a blessed day.
    M. Herring

  36. I’m 57 yrs old and after a heart attack & quadruple bypass in 2006, plus a stoke in 2008 or 2009, VA Hospital isn’t sure? I’m drawing $1291 VA Pension now and want to purchase a home and property close to my family in mid-western Illinois where the houses and property are inexpensive, plus I can live my life out fishing and hunting. Having spent 16yrs, 7mos and 15 days in the army; no-retirement at time of discharge though it was an honorable discharge; I believe this stimulus money should be for us veterans as well. I just want help in finding the money thru these stimulus packages for the retirement I deserve!

  37. Renee Bronson says:

    Mr President. I am the mother of teenage son we lost our home in o7 very nice home though Divorce and have since had the luxurgy of living in the salvation army…the super 8 motel. Now unemployed I am trying to go back to college and support my son. I need help I need help paying bills while attending school. my number 405-885-6576 where can I get this help. It sucks being homeless. August rent is due on the first I need help with my rent.

  38. krickett says:

    my name is krickett egan i take of my grandma tat has alhamars and demecha and i have to teen age daughters that i raise myself thing have got very hard for me but i not gave up and i wont i just to find a little help i have sreached so many diffrent aways but always hite dead end if any out there cloud help find away please help i have a open mind and would love to hear from u my e-mail is [] thank you so very much for time krickett egan

  39. Ashley cope says:

    Hello,i am a single mother with a three year son,its been difficult to keep up with my bills an be able to give my son life i want for him.I have applied an got accepted to AIU online for medical billing/coding.Its the best job for me because i have an artificial leg.I need to go to college to get a degree in something i can do long term.I want my son to know i strived to make his future better.Please help me with a grant so im not stuck in more debt with school loans. 740-281-3439

  40. Rochelle says:

    Hi, my name is Rochelle Price and I am in the middle of having a nervous breakdown. I lost my house two years ago and everything went downhill after that. I vowed to make a difference for the sake of my three boys so I put myself through school. It was a struggle but I made it and I graduated and received my Associates degree. It’s has been a year and a half and I am still not able to find employment. Me and my boys are on the verge of becoming homeless. I don’t like to ask for anything but I don’t have anywhere else to turn. Please if anyone has something give please consider me. I am a true believer in God so please let it be God leading you. My phone number is 508-510-5710. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

  41. Mark Bryson says:

    I am the pastor of a small church in Olive Branch,MS. God put it on my heart to plat this church on the day my father died. My membership is small,however, we have managed to buy some land to build a temple unto the Lord. We do not have the fund and need some help. We have 38 children under the age of 18 years old, and 32 adults. Where can we get money to build?

  42. sabrina dees says:

    Mr. President,
    My name is Sabrina Dees. I have three children two of which are in foster care.I am trying to bring them home.All I need to accomplish to bring them home is financial stabilty and a stable home.I am in a domestic violence shelter at the present time.My time to retain custody of my children is running out.Please help in anyway you can.You can contact me thruogh my e mail at
    Thank you,Sabrina

  43. John Bostrom says:

    Here is what America needs. Cash. People are selling anything and everything.. I want a Grant of 10 million dollars. I want to buy all the American antiques while there is a flood on the market and prices are so low. I am a very good negotiator and will get the bottom price. Later someone can sell them back…doubling or tripling the money…or more!!!
    Just want to do what america needs most…Save the past and present it back to the future… when money is not so tight… This happened in other countries before US. Lets do this the right way..!!!
    These items are built for generations to enjoy….!!!
    Will need to build Storage first / Display later. Maybe 100 million is better.
    Thank you.
    John B

  44. Blaine Mcadams says:

    Whether you like the man (George W. Bush) or not, most people would agree that raising taxes in a recession is a bad idea. If you’re one of the people who thinks it’s fine because it doesn’t affect you, think again. If you have a job (or even if you don’t) it affects you because it affects people that employ people. One way or the other, everyone pays for a tax hike.

  45. Rick Lowhorn says:

    Please Help Me to Get A Grant to Pays all Of My Bills and try To Start 4 Business And Really To Fix My Teeth They Really Need It Please Call Me At 6156661012 If You Can Help Me Please Help Me Please

  46. Howard Wargo says:

    I would like to hear a little more about the merit scholarships, in particular the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship. Any information would be appreciated!

  47. Vincent P. Smith, Sr. says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a single father of three kids ages 14/12/10 and have had them in my custody for ten years. Their mother signed over her rights and there is no child support . I have had the worst string of luck this year and trying to make it better than ever before. As a christian, I had an opportunity to help a homeless single mother with 2 kids. Doing Gods will i opened my door only for my generosity to be abused and lost my house. The job i had was temporary, but my supervisor gave me an excellent letter of recommendation. As many applications ive given with a resume and cover letter, thinking positive, I still havnt found a job. My only means of transportation was totaled 6 days after my mother cancelled the insurance i was paying my grandmother for…..this only a mere 6 days after i had sold my car to a single mother. Now living with my mother is by no means physically healthy as ive broken out in hives dealing with all the stress. Ive tried to do the right thing only to see disappointment, so now at this point im looking to get my associates degree in medical administration. I am determined to make this happen by whatever means necessary and am willing to work and attend school to give me and my kids a better more deserving life. I have researched the medical field and have my sights set and know what my goals are to make this happen. I do qualify for the Pell Grant, but it will not be enough. My class starts, tentatively, on the 16th of November 2010. At this point, I am going to attend and am turning this over to God. Financially, Im only prepared with the Grant and hope and pray that I am blessed with the opportunity to have college paid in full. There will be other expenses of course, but attending school is at the utmost importance. To have the opportunity to see my kids proud of their dad and the determination that i could pass on to them would mean the absolute world to me. I want to thank you for your time and hope God answers each and every one of the posts in here. God Bless you all, you are all in my prayers.

    Vincent P. Smith, Sr.

  48. Ha! Obama came in and chanted CHANGE…well he changed it all right “FOR THE GOVERNMENTS BENEFIT”, what happened to WE THE PEOPLE ! we have no rights, no jobs, no money and I’ll be darn if I want to be taken care of by the government ! They go against all the morals and values I was taught ! We voted and what good did that do ! This administration is dividing our COUNTRY !

  49. Santana Ellsbury says:

    ALL ethnic groups have a huge decision to make right now. We either want a free country where individual rights matter or we will vote for those who are pushing Socialism where big, elite government control freaks will reign supreme.

  50. Raymond Danchetz says:

    Once government takes over, the only way for YOU to get free or subsidized health care is for someone else to have their wages taken and re-distributed to you … that’s called SOCIALISM. You should not be proud of being a socialist.