Most of the Obama federal government grants that will be approved will go to institutions and not to individual people. There will be some free grant money for those that know how to apply for it but the large majority will be for school, public works, and other projects.

Even though you may not be able to directly benefit by getting free Obama grant money, you might be able to get a job that comes as a direct result of a grant. When the Obama grants are handed out to these institutions, it should create more jobs that you can get. In addition, the stimulus bill that was just passed is supposed to produce more than 3 million new jobs to get America back working. The US government grants is going to be giving out more money than ever before and you can benefit one way or another. After all, that is the whole purpose of the Obama stimulus plan and grants: to create more jobs.

If you are in foreclosure, lost your job, or have other moeny problems, you need to keep your head up and keep looking for that job. You might look into the Obama grant process to see if you qualify for any of his grants and it is free to apply. Applying for government grants is always free so you can apply to as many as you like. There is going to be a lot of free Obama money out there soon and you have to know how to get it.


  1. Sylvia Patterson says:

    When can a person (or institution) expect to be able to apply for grant money and where is the place to look? How can a person be involved in the distribution process? I would like to be a part of helping the economy recover.
    Thank you,
    Sylvia Patterson

  2. james lawson says:

    need help so we dont loss our home. no jobs in area dont have money to go find a job unempemt is ally to help any one anways

  3. samson brown says:

    I would like to start up my own home base business but because i lost my job in the begging of this year my credit card is way pass dew. My cable bill has gone to the collection agency. My home phone has been turned off. I recently got a job in timeshare, which is a form of real estate, but it’s not doing that great. That’s why i would like to start my own business at home, on line processing rebates for large corporations. I just don’t have the start up money and of course monies to help threw the first quarter of just starting a business. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you.

  4. iam a working mom who have two kids i have alway wanted to go back to school and do better for my self but dont have the money to do anything with ialway wanted to be a nurse but didnot have the money to do it