WARNING: Don’t get SCAMMED! So many people are under the impression that they can get some free money directly from Obama grants, stimulus rebates, the stimulus bill, green grants, and the government’s bailout of America. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! The stimulus bill has nothing in it for individual people. Other sites will scam you if they tell you otherwise. There are still government grants available as always but they have NOTHING to do with the stimulus bill or Obama! If you are going to profit from the stimulus bill it will probably have to be in the form of a job that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

Many so called grant companies will ship you a cheap CD (maybe for $1.95) and say it is a free trial period and they will help you get your grant. Then when you forget to cancel you will be charged a monthly fee of $49.95 or $79.95 or some other large amount. This is all in the fine print. GOVERNMENT GRANTS ARE FREE AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR THEM! Don’t fall for this scam!


It is time for another round of ObamaCare as open enrollment for 2015 starts in mid November. That means you can look forward to more politicians battling each other over the pros and cons of the law as well as hyped up media coverage on television and in print. As this is the second year of ObamaCare, the media hype will probably not be as intense as it was last time but that doesn’t mean you won’t hear a lot about it.

If the November midterm elections go to Republicans in both the House and Senate, get prepared for a hell storm of ObamaCare bashing. The law has not been popular with many Americans and still gets very low approval ratings in the polls. Additionally, most Americans have seen their health care insurance costs rise even though the President said they would fall.

As more and more Americans realize that not only have their insurance premiums have gone up but their deductibles too, they turn against the Affordable Care Act as it obviously isn’t affordable for most people. Now that ObamaCare is opening up for a second year, it will be interesting to see how people push back agains the law if they do at all.

More and more businesses are now going to be required to provide healthcare to their employees so we may see a whole new group of people losing jobs and getting hours cut. The first year of ObamaCare only affected those who had no insurance or who bought insurance on their own. Everyone who had employer provided healthcare coverage wasn’t affected but in many instances, that won’t be the case.